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Chevaux sauvages islandais

I AM...

I am simply a lover of the animal world since my early childhood, become Animal Interpreter out of love, respect, admiration for every living species on this Earth, and by vocation!


I am at the service of this experience which is intuitive communication with animals, as a messenger between you and your animal, bringing   benevolent and rebalancing energy.

I particularly want to convey respectful values and un sincere professionalism.

I had the chance to meet wonderful guardians to work, evolve with confidence, thus allowing their horses, dogs, cats to actively participate in a common collaboration of lighting, respect, showing us an extraordinary potential, when the we accept the Animal Consciousness.


I am here to accompany you in the fairest way. be with you to share an extraordinary experience!



I have more20 years of experiencein personal development, energy work with extra-sensory abilities present since childhood. 

First passed by the human with massage and guidance from an ancient tradition: a practice focused on cellular memory.


Accompanied throughout these years by different teachers in order to learn in the best conditions the multiple and subtle parameters found in alternative practices. I acquired  solid foundations giving me confidence in this responsibility of animal communication.

I was also introduced to the practice of equine shiatsu, which allows me to complete my knowledge and understand another approach to animal welfare, very additoinal  to my practice.


I am here to establish the link between you and your pet, provide information that he will communicate to me.


Animals live in the present moment. During the communication, he will give youdirections, feelings that can, like us, evolve. They have, like each of us, their own vision of the situation, which does not necessarily correspond to ours. We are talking here about respect for our difference, of thepossibilityof an error or misunderstanding.

I am there incomplementthe work of the veterinarian, the osteopath, the behaviorist, the educator.

I do not make a diagnosis, and will never ask you to stop a treatment in progress.

Ourcommitmentcommon is to improve in consciousness what is experienced by each, to have an experience that is often disturbing but so rich inheart, and wisdom!




Naelle R.

Born in 1978

From Here and Elsewhere but especially Norman and Breton...




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