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By email, you send me a photo of your animal where I can clearly see its whole body, its eyes (without human presence). 

I send you the application form to fill out or you tell me the information necessary for the management of your file and above all do not give any information to son subject. 


Once the communication has been made, I will notify you by text and we will agree on an rdv 

phone to read the report, an important step for validation.


I will email you thepre-scheduled datecommunication with your animal, this can change in the event of an emergency with yours or other animals. It can also be shifted because I always ask permission. In the case of a postponement, this means that it is not the right time.


You can warn your pet of thisnew experienceso that he is not surprised at the connection. Ideally, it should be quiet the morning of the communication. For horses, no work during the day or more if necessary.


You can pay by check or bank transfer. 

A request = a signed quote =   a commitment of trust and professionalism.

For checks: 

Payment is requested 72 hours maximum before our telephone meeting.


.For payments in installments   I draw up an estimate and send you the invoice after each collection.


Money should not be a barrier, so you can confidently tell me your situation and we will always find a solution.


Cat Sleeping



Travel is free in the Deauville and Trouville area sur Mer,

outside the zone charged 0.46 cents per km, on estimate depending on the service.


From Monday to Friday

Of10:00 a.m.at1:00 p.m.and of2:00 p.m.at7:00 p.m.

On Saturday 

Of10:00 a.m.at1:00 p.m.


Priority is given to animals with which I have already had contact, and depending on the situation (hospitalization, end of life, sudden change in 24 hours, deadline and sporting imperative.

In this situation, there will be no question of timetables, rest days or public holidays.

For the animals that I don't know, the urgency concerns their end of life.


I primarily take care of animals in difficulty.

Delays may therefore vary  depending on your situation.

I work with the living so everything is in motion at all times.

I will always do my best to support you, but I thank you in advance for your patience and understanding (possible waiting times).

Chien Berger Allemand
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