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Nothing better than experience!

Thank you to all the guardians, animals and partners who trust me.



Camille Estrade

ZONE R Horse riding 
FFE Services / Pensions / Breeding / Riding School

June 2020

"Warm recommendation for MessagesAnimals.


At the end of 2019 I asked Naëlle for a free communication on one of my horses. It was an approach of pure curiosity on my part, being convinced that this kind of approach is valid only if one addresses a realmedium, and not people who improvise as communicators without having worked on their skills for many years:
"a gift without work never becomes anything but a dirty habit". I therefore sought to identify whether the provider of these very unusual and original services was valid, impostors being legion.

So I had chosen my lead horse, the one I have been seeing for 17 years and whom I know best, without any particular problem. The communication raised twospecific detailsto this very particular horse, which it was impossible to "guess" without real skills. So I had found a truly competent medium.

Troubled, I therefore immediately asked for a comment with 3 points on a horse that presented amechanical anomalyfor two years, without mechanical explanations and apparently completely offbeat osteo observations. Naelle didn't even know the horse had a problem, she had his name his age his picture, she never saw him. I didn't tell him.


The content of the free communication was word for word the incomprehensible observations of the osteopath... Which directed me directly towards ahighly complex diseasewhich is Lyme disease, track that I had already considered but in which I had not wanted to believe (the serology, made after the passage of the osteo, being "doubtful").

theoverlapping of the "message"of the osteopath with that, identical, of the medium, there was no longer any possible doubt.

So I launched a heavy treatment for theLyme diseaseand the horse has regained its war horse mechanics, and started galloping and playing in the meadow again!!! The anomaly perceived as mechanical (the seemingly totally normal horse was doing aubin strides and no longer galloping on a longe) was in fact neuronal.....

Very, very nice experience. Naelle's work allowed me tocollect informationto which no one had access to cross-check them with the information I already had but which was too tenuous or improbable to listen to them.... and to cure my horse!


Thank you Naëlle, thank you from Voglia and me.

See you soon without hesitation for other missions, even out of pure curiosity, I who always complain that my horses "listen to me asking them questions without ever answering me", I have the missing link!"



High-level athlete with Amélie and Firefighter dog with Sébastien


Amelie Metellini

Parisian region


I call on Naëlle in two different settings. 

The first frame is personal, the second professional. 


Personal framework 


With my 4 and a half year old Belgian shepherd dog Malinois we compete in practical work in the countryside level 2. 

Countryside is a difficult and tedious discipline, mixing tracking tests,  work with water, obedience, jumping and biting, all in a natural and open environment._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

My dog is a real high-level athlete, who requires a lot of physical preparation in order to be able to take the courses and the physical exercises required.

But that's not all, he is a professional firefighter dog with my spouse, he searches for lost or buried people. 

Aware of the physical, intellectual and emotional load that this can represent, it is essential for us todo everythingso that our dog flourishes in the best conditions. 


He is followed in veterinary medicine very regularly, by blood test and radio test. He is followed very regularly in osteopathy. But one day, a loss of general condition that could not be explained by the veterinarian or the osteo, pushed me to look further. Like a malaise, a loss of energy, of envy. It was then that I met Naëlle. It was obvious, I had to know what he felt. My dog needed to be able to express himself, to tell us what was wrong and how we could act. 

So we started with a free message, where Naëlle made contact with the animal without having any information beforehand.


My dog was able to give him what he had deep inside him, things so personal and so deep that it was an upheaval for me. How could a stranger psychoanalyze me through my animal... it was aawarenesshuge for me. Already why hadn't I thought of it earlier.. The possibility that our animal can reveal to a person like Naëlle what he has inside him should be essential to all guardians as she calls them. After this session with Naëlle,  my dog regained his legendary life force. It was a real relief for us, but also an awareness, our bond is stronger than ever thanks to the translation of thoughts by Naëlle. I have to take care of myself to take care of him, I didn't think my animal lived and felt so much through me. 


We wanted to go further in this work, by setting up a sports follow-up. 

My dog and I are selected for the French championships which take place in a month, and to prepare ourselves as well as possible, I wanted to add animal communication to my preparation. It allows me to managespecific issues, by sending messages to my dog, but also by giving him the opportunity to express himself in relation to discipline, or in physical preparation, food rebalancing etc… 

For the moment we have been able to highlight the conditions in which my dog likes to be just before a competition, which corresponds perfectly to the conditions in which I like to be: in addition topass on the messagesof my dog, Naëlle works around what is transmitted for the good of the couple, and helps me to focus on my partner and our conditions of well-being for the competition. Another example where she helped us a lot is the management of my stress which turned out to be problematic for my dog. 



Professional framework


I am an animal osteopath, and I often send patients that I have for consultation to Naëlle.


En ostéopathie, un corps peut être touché d'une lésion ostéopathique appelée                 « Whiplash ». 

The notion of Whiplash is described as a shock wave which "whips" the body in a very strong and brutal way, the body not being able to accumulate such a force in such a short time "freezes" all the cells being saturated with too much full of energy that they could not restore. For example a car accident, whiplash. 

But a Whiplash is not the only etiology of physical shock. It can be emotional, the loss of a loved one for example. Animals are also affected by emotional Whiplash, osteopathy is effective, but some cases require even deeper work, which osteopathy cannot reach, but which animal communication can reach. It's areal tool, which I think is very complementary with osteopathy. 

An osteopathic lesion that comes back regularly could also be a reason for which I refer to Naëlle, so that we can look for the cause at another level, so that communication helps us in the diagnosis.. 

An animal that has difficulty being touched, that will not be in good emotional condition to receive an osteopathy session, can be helped by Naëlle. . 

When I perceive a need for the animal to indulge, he sends me this request, I refer to Naëlle.


We are fortunate to have the opportunity toexpress themselvesfully our animals, and to understand them, in order to improve their path with us... As we often say when looking at them, they only lack speech... but they have it! You just have to ask Naëlle.. 


Tiptop and Ivanhoé a little before weaning...

Nathalie, teacher and rider 

Trained at Haras de La Cense

Weaning support 


I contacted Naëlle initially out of curiosity.

I wanted for a long timedo the experienceanimal communication without really taking the plunge, not knowing where to turn! An acquaintance told me about Naëlle so I started. 

My mare was at that time followed by her 10 month old foal. After discussion with Naëlle, I decided to provide weaning support. The program allowedto preparemother and foal at this crucial stage in their lives.


Weaning and stripping are two very important stages in the life of a horse but unfortunately too often neglected, with more or less serious consequences on the behavior of the future adult horse.


We started with a free Message, then two transmissions of information each.

I was immediately impressed by Naëlle's return precision. Weaning support allowed us towarn the mother like the foaldifferent stages of weaning.

Each stage was calm and stress-free.


We tried torespectat best the requests and advice that emerged from the com' despite some logistical constraints.

In our organization the foal stayed in the place of life and his mother joined me in another stable. We then set up aprogressive separationover a period of one month. Before the mare left, the two lived in stalls side by side at night and in separate herds during the day.

During the com' it was advised that on the day of departure the foal could watch his mother's departure.boarding the marein the truck was done in the stables so we put the foal in a box which allowed him to observe the start. The other band members were also present. 

I admit that I was not necessarily very reassured to do it this way, for fear that he would try to jump. But everything went great! The mare embarked very well, much better than usual. The foal, for his part, remained very observantserenely. Everything took place in the greatest calm without even a neigh. Once the mare left in the truck, the owner of the stables gave the whole group back to the paddock.


Inasmuch asprofessionalin the middle of the horse, having observed withdrawals on several occasions. I think today that theestablishmentof a progressive and late separation (11 months) supplemented by the accompaniment in animal communication by Naëlle made it possible to greatly facilitate the passage of thismilestoneof the life of my mare and her foal. I was also able to realize that what we instinctively want to do is not necessarily thesolutionthe most suitable. The communication will therefore have made it possible to redirect my choices for the well-being of my horses.


I would like to thank Naëlle very much for thisaccompaniementand I will definitely come back to her for the next important step in my foal's life: breaking in.



Support / new contexts

Transport, stay at La Cense and demonstration


A few months after the weaning of my foal, we organized at my place of work, the Haras de la Cense,demonstrations of ethological ridingwith an education part of the young horse.

I then decided to prepare my foal for this event. This required several things: atransportationapproximately 1h30, a three-week preparation withlife at the stables in the boxand paddock,the eventand return transportation.

So I called on Naëlle to accompany us in animal communication.



Naëlle made a communication a few days before the transport to explain to him what was going to happen: the transport but also his stay and the demonstration. 


The fact that he saw the departure of his mother a few months ago made it easier for Naëlle. She was able to send him the image of the truck with him in it as well as thesensationsthat he will feel inside in particular the vibrations, the noises and the movements.

I hesitated in the way to proceed: transport alone or accompanied? Loose or tied up?

I finally chose to take a shetland pony in the truck. She sent him a picture of the pony thanks to a photo that I had communicated to her. So they both transported freely in a stall truck.

Naëlle had also advised me to put straw or shavings on the ground to reduce the feeling of vibrations, this is apparently an element that comes up regularly in communications for horses traveling badly. They would travel better when there is straw or shavings on the ground than when there is nothing.

The boarding was very fast the transport went very well in thecalm.

The pony stayed with the colt for the first few days after arriving at stud to reassure him.


The preparation and the event:

Naëlle had sent him images ofdifferent exerciseswhat he would have to do. Mobilize the different parts of his body, step back, cross a bar on the ground, a tarpaulin, let himself be touched everywhere, give his feet... He was quite stressed at the start, but quickly calmed down.

For the day of the event she had explained to himthe contexta bit stressful and unusual. The music, the microphone, the noise, the world and the movements. He showed himself to be exemplary, calm andincredible focusfor a colt his age.


He is a colt who has a lot of energy, he is sensitive and can quickly worry and be very reactive in unknown situations if he is not sufficiently prepared. Naëlle will have been a very precious help to us to allow her toskip this step, in a totally unusual environment for him, calmly and serenely.

I think animal communication can be ofassistancevery useful in the important stages of the life of a young horse, such as breeding competitions for example and also breaking in. About me I will not hesitate to contact Naëlle for each important step in the life of my young horses.


Nathalie, teacher and rider trained at Haras de la Cense

Very first time, quiet...




I accompanied two yearlings to the October 2021 sales  at Arqana.  Which is a first I think in the industry.


A month before before the sales there were on the basis of theMy(Wise) Animals package. 


First stagewith the Mes(Sages) Libre,emotional and physical balance, there was a weaning concern and a very difficult birth concern, withadjustmentsphysical and physiological to be done in collaboration with the osteopath.


Second step(1 week before sales)Mes(Sages) Transmission of information#1: check if everything was ok for them, make the necessary adjustments in collaboration with the breeder.

And especiallyto preparethe departure and the stay at the sales then the big departure in his new place of life.

I inform the filly that she is going to leave the place where she lives, I explain to her where she is going, the atmosphere, the life there, the other horses, the possible stress, and D-Day with the passage in the ring and departure after sale.


Third step(the visit to the sales): the day after their arrival I went to see one of the fillies who was more stressed (this possibility was  already emerged during the last communication and it was validated on the ground, because she was not eating. So I did an energy treatment by capturing theRequired informationin order to improve his well-being. 

For example, the wish to open the small shutter to see outside and also to have a few walks in the company of the other filly with whom she had a link at stud. It was requested that they could see each other over the weekend and that they could also say goodbye.

The treatment soothed the emotional part, it gradually relaxed.

They were great when they passed, and I'm very proud of them. 

I also thank the breeders for theirtrust.


Fourth stepa few days, to a week after the start of sales,Mes(Sages) Transmission of information#2: 

Feedback, appease the new situation, and explain if necessary what is happening and what will happen next for them.

The ideal being to be able to continue with the trainer, the new owner...



Thisinnovative approachlead the horses to experience thisstage of lifein a slightly more serene way, and to know, toto understandwhat is happening to them.

They lived in a comfortable environment, in freedom, and the shock is quite violent when they arrive at the sales.

The atmosphere is quite tense. It's crowded, a lot of movement, they go out and in all day for presentations, it's rather tiring and disturbing.


You only need to spend a few hours on the day of arrival and the rest of the week... to understand that thestressis intense, lots of whinnying, horses banging in the boxes. Their gaze does not deceive...

Once sold, the horse leaves for the unknown, it is taken at night to a place of parking before the big trip to its new place of life which can be far away...


So, thank you to all those who dare to pass thesales supportthrough theanimal communicationto bring them more comfort,respectin the experience.


They give the maximum of themselves all their life, so why deprive yourself of being there for them.


Just take theMes(Sages) Animals package + written report at 270€, as well as the visit to sales, and you allow them to experience this transition more easily.

Complete support on estimate.

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