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The American Penelope Smith is one of the pioneers of telepathic communication with animals in the 70s in the USA and Canada.

She has trained many animal interpreters around the world.


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Penelope Smith's Code of Ethics for Animal Communication Consultants:


"Our motivation is first compassion for all beings and thedesire to help sentient beingsof all species to better understand each other, in order to revive the inherent faculties of each human being to communicate easily and directly with the other species around them.


We honor those who come to us asking for help and we don't judge or condemn anyone for past mistakes and misunderstandings. We simply honor their desires for change and harmony.

We know that to maintain the purity and harmony of our work, we must grow spiritually and know ourselves well. We realize that thetelepathic communicationis a medium that can be affected by our unconscious desires, excessive emotions, judgments and lack of love for ourselves and others. Knowing this, we walk the path of animal telepathy with humility and benevolence. We are ready to look at our mistakes and transform the beliefs that can influence the clarity of the communications we receive (from humans and non-humans alike).


In order to increase the efficiency of our work, we keep ourselves informed and we understand

the laws that govern the dynamics of human and non-human species. To do this, we will look for theknowledgeas well as the personal help we need to do our work with efficiency, compassion, respect and joy.


We seek to bring out the best in everyone in order to find positive solutions to the problems submitted to us. We offer our help only to people who ask for it so that people are receptive to our help. This greatly increases our efficiency. We respect the feelings and beliefs of others and our work is moving in the direction of greater compassion andBetter comprehensionbetween different species. We recognize our limitations and what we cannot change. We focus our efforts on what we can transform.


We respect the privacy of people and theirpet companion. We work in confidentiality.


We do our best to help people maintain their dignity and decide how they can adequately support their animal companion. We do not cultivate dependence on ourselves and prefer to stimulate curiosity and encourage autonomy. We offer people the opportunity to grow in their relationship with beings of other species.


We recognize our limitations and we know when to recommend the help of another professional. It's not our job to diagnose or treat disease and we refer people to vets for that sort of thing. We can express the animal's emotions, say how it feels, what symptoms it has or where it feels pain, as communicated by the animal. This information can be used by a veterinarian at their discretion. We also help to understand anddecrease stress levelthrough listening and other gentle methods. By sharing our knowledge and letting them know of all the information we receive, we give customers the latitude they need to decide how best to help their animal companion.


The goal of all consultations, conferences and workshops is to create space for more compassion, better understanding andbetter balance between all beings. We follow our hearts in honoring the spirit that inhabits every being and unites us all."

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