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Chevaux sauvages


Mes(Sages) Animals collabore en France mais aussi en Europe (Belgique, Pays-Bas, Irlande) et à l'International (Etats-Unis, Île Maurice, Nouvelle-Zélande, Australie, Japon).

*Haras Les Marronniers

Geraldine Pothier


*Brood mare before, during, after - dam and foal, weaning

*Yearling valuation- preparation for Arqana sales

*Preparation for stripping

*Pre-workout preparation

*Training follow-up

*Rest/ restart




*Ecurie Vincent Renault - 

Mary Renault

Accompaniments: rest, convalescence, getting back on the road, shopping, retirement with a view to reform, sale.



*Clairefontaine Stud Farm

Marie-Laure Collet

Accompaniments: horse in training, Arqana sale yearlings



*Vivaldi stable

Didier Krainc

Getting started withStephanie Nigge Stable



*Stud Diva

Brood mare support



* Bresneau breeding

Brood mare accompaniment, line AQPS "Drinker of Air"


*Nasturtium Nicot stable

Accompanying horses in training

Collaborations with other disciplines  and interventions


*Haras de la Chesnay

Gregory Oberson

Accompaniment of show jumping sport horses

including Cayman Jolly Jumper with a Pégase 5* over 7 months before moving to Simon Delestre

*Ecurie de Wy - CSO

Gregory Cottard 

Accompaniment Freezby de Wy


*Perrine Carlier stable

Accompaniment introduction to the herd on the Active Stable

Accompaniment couple horse / rider



*Lisors stable / active stable

Intervention and presentation of animal communication

Accompaniment couple horse / rider


*IFOA Paris V 

Intervention and presentation of animal communication for the 1st years



*Beyond the Tracks

Created in 2016, Au-Delà des Pistes is the official association promoting the retraining of racehorses in France, supported by France Galop.


Specific support for reformed horses

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Collaboration communication 2022(proofreading, content, visual graphics-prices)

*Carole Desmetz  and Gaëlle Thorpe



Image de Rex Pickar
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